Bryan Laidlaw

Heating Engineer
Pipe Fitter - Pipe Welder

Bryan Laidlaw

Commercial Heating Engineer 


Hi there. My name is Bryan Laidlaw. I am a time served Heating Engineer (Pipe Fitter and Pipe Welder) who works in and around Edinburgh. I have 39 years pipe fitting and welding experience gained from working in construction and building services. I fit and weld all types of heating and chilled water installations and works on mainly large to medium sized contracts. In my time I've fitted all pipe sizes using steel pipe up to 12 inch and copper pipe up to 4 inch. I have extensive experience working with the following:

  • Steel Screwed Pipe
  • Copper Pipe
  • Stainless Pipe
  • Fusion & Glued Plastics
  • Grooved Victaulic
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Pressfit Carbon, Copper, Stainless
  • Welded and Screwed Gas Lines
  • Uponor Piping Systems
  • Meplar Piping Systems
  • Cunifer, Axilock, Chibro, Blutcher
  • Compressed Air Lines

Commercial Pipe Fitting...

What Do I Pipe?

As a heating pipe fitter, a large part of my trade involves the fitting of screwed steel pipe. The things I would typically pipe are boilers, chillers, air handling units, pumps, 3 way valve sets, cold feeds, vents, gas lines, radiators and fan coil units. These are just a few of the things I fit. If it needs piped I pipe it. 

Where I Fit Pipes?

I fit pipes in a wide variety of environments, mostly on large to medium scale construction projects and occasionally on smaller projects. I've worked in schools, office blocks, hospitals, data centers, hotels, factories and much more. I generally work in central Scotland but have worked all over the UK, even as far afield, as the island of Unst in Shetland.

Industrial Pipe Welding...

What Do I Weld?

I arc weld pipework sizes up to 12 inch for pipework mains, boiler houses and plant rooms. I am currently qualified to 6G until 2022. 

Copper Pipework...

When it comes to copper pipework I've fitted more than my fair share. I fit copper mains up to 4", hot water cylinders, booster sets and water storage tanks. I'm more than comfortable using pressfit, soldered or compression fittings and I know how to use a bending machine. I don't do much domestic plumbing unless it's a homer, generally sticking to commercial scale pipework in larger premises.

More Copper Work

Plastics & Other Pipework...

As a heating engineer I've fitted a variety of piping materials. I've used ABS glued plastic up to 8 Inch, fused plastics up to 6 Inch, Uponor up to 4 Inch, Meplar up to 2 Inch, Victaulic grooved to 8 Inch and galvanised screwed up to 4 Inch.

Current Project

The Engine Yard - Leith - Edinburgh

March 2020 - Present

Formerly the site of the old Edinburgh tram depot and the Shrubhill masonic club, the site is now under re-development. The new development is a modern complex comprising of shops, a leisure block and 5 blocks of flats. All heating and water services are from a central plant room feeding each building. My job is to.........................