Bryan Laidlaw

The Engine Yard

Latest Project

The Engine Yard - Leith Walk - Edinburgh

March 2020 - Present

Formerly the site of the old Edinburgh tram depot and the Shrubhill masonic club, the site is now under re-development. The new works are a modern complex comprising of shops, a leisure block and 5 blocks of flats. All heating and water services are from a central plant room feeding each building.

What I'm Fitting

The heating is supplied via a district heating system with a central plant room feeding all the buildings. My job is to fit the brackets and run 10 pipes from the plant room, through the basement car park and up 4 risers. The 10 pipes are a mixture of 65mm victaulic heating mains, 50mm screwed steel heating mains and 54mm crimped copper water services pipework. These will be for the current phase of the project which is 2 blocks of flats with 7 floors to a block.

Project Progress

Project Update

The site has re-opened for construction after almost 3 months since lockdown began and work can now progress. I am now on the books with BPS and currently fitting pipework in the riser, flats and communal entrances over 6 levels.

Copper Pipework

The riser pipework consists of a 50mm heating screwed flow and return with 40mm branches to the floors, a 54mm copper mains cold water to the first and second floors with another 54mm copper boosted cold water to all other levels.

Floor Setup

The heating mains for the flats are a mixture of 42mm, 35mm and 28mm copper hooking up to isolating valves on the 40mm screwed steel from the riser. The plumbing is a single cold main/boosted pipe. it comes out of the riser at 35mm, splits in 28mm to feed 2 flats then reduces to 22mm for each flat. Each flat has it's own heating and domestic water isolating valves.