Bryan Laidlaw

Edinburgh Art College

Edinburgh Art College

Full Heating System Strip Out and 2 Phase Installation

Phase 1

The Edinburgh art college was a 2 year contract completed over 2 phases. For a large part of the contract I was the only welder. My job was to prefabricate all the mains pipework and weld anything else that needed welding. A fitter and an apprentice would then take the sections up to the attic and bolt the sections together. On completion of the welding works I moved onto fitting screwed pipework. Myself and another fitter piped the rooftop plantroom, 3 air handling units, secondary pipework for the 2 domestic water cylinders and a number of radiator circuits.

Phase 2

For Phase 2 of the contract I prefabricated the boiler house pipework sections ready for the summer shutdown. All the sections were prefabricated from a set of CAD drawings. It was a 6 boiler system with shunt pumps, 2 x 8" headers, a 12" low loss header, 3 port valves, a plate heat exchanger, constant and variable temperature pumpsets, a pressurisation unit, 7 pressure vessels and 2 large domestic cylinders. The images below show most of my work from prefab to the finished boiler house installation.

Boiler House Prefabrication

Boiler House Installation